Dear Members,

Congratulations to all members on the last two months of action within our club.

The place has been buzzing around this Christmas/New Year period and much effort has gone into ensuring the various sections of the club are functioning really well. A very warm welcome to all new and returning members and it is great to have you within our club. We hope that as members you continue to feel a necessary part of the club and know that you make a difference with your contributions. You are very welcome to utilise our clubhouse at any time and the new tables and stools have been very popular upstairs. The doors are operated by fobs for easy member access, so grab a drink/food from Simon’s or bring down some lunch or dinner and enjoy the views and the company of others. The club teas on a Thursday evening have continued to be very popular. We’d love to see more members utilising the upstairs clubhouse and the club bar opens at various times. – Announcements on TeamApp

Club Secretary Michael Artz, will expand on several aspects of our club in order to keep you well informed of happenings, so I’ll just provide a quick snapshot of the season. As Secretary, Michael looks after the day to day operations, emails, grants, general admin work and has been fantastic to keep us all on track. His voluntary work goes above and beyond and is appreciated. A great way to capture happenings within the club is to sign up to Team APP. Many announcements are made almost on a daily basis over the season and having the APP is essentially to keep abreast of our club activities.