Several months ago, the Board of Management felt that the club would move forward by not having a resident caretaker. This was certainly a big decision to make with much thought and discussion going in to it.

With an expanding club, the space taken by the caretaker’s residence will be converted to a member’s gym, the space will be gutted and “re-purposed” with more space being created underneath the decking area to store equipment including our surf rescue vehicle and other club equipment.

The lawn section on the Western side will also provide a storage space for our trailers, instead of seeing them parked around the perimeter of the club.

Leigh Moncrieff has been instrumental in leading this re-development including sourcing the gym equipment donated from Deakin University and Steve O’Brien.

With the absence of our caretaker we have had to find other avenues for the services they have provided in the past. Leigh has instigated a professional cleaning service to attend both upstairs and downstairs in the club twice weekly and has arranged security to check all openings of the club every evening. Hopefully the new areas will be available for members in a couple of weeks. The club will also install security cameras in strategic positions to ensure top quality security for our members and any potential perpetrators of illegal activity, are ‘caught on camera’.