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Board of Management


President                                           Michael Owen

Vice President                                   John McNeil

Secretary                                            Justin Houlihan

Club Captain                                      David Owen

Treasurer                                            Kevin Ryan

Competition Director                      Gavan Hart

OH&S                                                     Gary Askew

Junior Activities                                 Dean Kilpatrick

Chief Instructor                                  Kristie Chiller

Board and Ski Captain                      Peter Day

Publicity Officer                                 Toby Pettigrew

Boat Captain                                       Xavier Thornton




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At our most recent AGM the club identified that we no longer have a current strategic plan and the committee committed to pursuing this over the course of the coming year. To this end we have recently acquired a grant to help with the formation of a Strategic Plan....

Nippers 2019 and Sports

A big thanks to all our members involved in helping run the nippers and the various competition squads that are occurring within the club. Again, we see over 200 Nipper members. Every Sunday, the kids are coming off the beach with smiles, happy and also hungry for...