Junior Competition Squad (Nippers)

Junior Competition Squad (Nippers)

Whilst the focus on the squad is primarily preparation for the state titles in March, the competition squad is not only for those members looking to compete. The aim of the sessions is to further develop fitness, enhance water skills and to have fun. Under 11s’ and below will focus on participation and fitness and the Under 12, 13 and 14 will focus on building skills and fitness each week.

It is important to note that those children who do participate in Comp Squad DO NOT have to compete in competitions. You also do not need to be in the competition Squad to compete, but the extra training will help!

It is a highly recommended to be part of a swimming program;

To participate in carnivals your nipper must have completed their S badge. All junior competition squad members are expected to attend the Sunday Morning Nipper sessions as usual.

It is up to you to decide how many sessions a week you attend but you must complete at least one board and one swim session per week,

Training Times

  • Vary each year, check our the Warrnambool SLSC TeamApp presence for exact times and days

For more information about the nippers program contact the Junior Co-ordinator Email or Contact the Club


Nipper Squad Costs

The Nipper Competition Squad – Training Costs are determined each year and typically includes:

  • Weekly training  (typically twice a week)
  • Use of club equipment (including competition boards)
  • Club Uniform – Swim Wear

It (usually) does not include entry to any carnivals. Should your nipper wish to compete, there is an additional cost per event, although we typically offer a “bulk” discount (to save us on administration time!)

Competition Prerequisites

The Competition Evaluation is a National pre-requisite to participate in Lifesaving Sport carnivals in Australia.

Below is a list of distances Nippers must attempt in the Competition skills evaluation (S Badge)

Age Group Distance & Requirements
Under 8 NA (this age group only competes in beach and wade events)
Under 9 Minimum 150m open water swim in 12 minutes
Under 10 Minimum 150m open water swim in 11 minutes
Under 11 Minimum 288m open water swim in 12 minutes
Under 12 Minimum 288m open water swim in 10 minutes
Under 13 Minimum 288m open water swim in 9 minutes
Under 14 Minimum 288m open water swim in 9 minutes

If the Nipper can complete the above distance for their age group, they are eligible to compete in all competition events in their age group (excluding State Championships). The Competition Skills Evaluation is mandatory for all age groups (except Under 8s) to compete in any event.

All junior members wishing to compete at the Victorian Junior Championships must complete the relevant Surf Education Award appropriate to their age group prior to close of entries.

Age Group Surf Education Award
Under 8 Surf Aware One
Under 9 Surf Aware Two
Under 10 Surf Safe One
Under 11 Surf Safe Two
Under 12 Surf Smart One
Under 13 Surf Smart Two
Under 14 Surf Rescue Certificate