The club’s number one focus this season has been to ensure that our core function is to consistently provide quality lifesaving patrols for the entirety of the season and that the members within patrols are diverse in experience. It’s imperative that patrolling members work and communicate with their Patrol Captains/Vice Captains to ensure that we have well managed patrols and that it is not acceptable to simply not turn up without prior notice given. With each of the nine patrol groups having fulfilled at least one duty day so far, it has been very impressive to see the large numbers and the vibrancy of each patrol. Both Jo McDowall and John McNeil have been very proactive is ensuring that courses and qualifications were held before the season started and that the actual patrol roster factored a really wide spread of those with experience and those that may be in their first or second season of patrols that may be looking for some senior leadership, particularly if a major incident happens.

It’s been great to see several Bronze Medallion groups go through already, as well as Basic Beach Management, Advanced Resuscitation and Spinal awards in order to build up our qualifications. Congratulations and well done to all those that have achieved new qualifications. Sincere thanks to those in the club that have helped train and assess over the last few months. Currently, Clint Joseph is taking an IRB Drivers and Crewperson course, so we should soon see this area built up considerably. The Skills Maintenance sessions were extremely well conducted in November. At the beginning of these sessions, Jo and John were able to address patrol members about the upcoming season and also go through the new digital radio network. The words ‘best ever requals’ were heard several times after the sessions, so it shows how well planned and efficient things were.