Hall Hire Agreement and Notification

If Alcohol is to be served (or consumed) you will be required to apply for a temporary Liquor licence in your won name. This process can take up to 2-3 weeks so allow enough time for this. We will provide a letter of authority for your application.

Venues Primary Purpose
The WSLSC core function is lifesaving and the venue is predominately used by volunteer members to undertake training, meetings and club social activities. WSLSC members will not be available for the carriage of equipment for private functions and may carry out duties within other areas of the clubhouse at various times of the day. The Hirer is solely responsible for setting up of the function room, prior to their event.
Remote controls:
Remote controls are available for the split system heating/cooling system, the electronic blinds and the LCD HD TV. They are kept in the top drawer behind the bar and must be placed back in this drawer when finished.
Key Collection and Return:
The Hirer is to collect and return the key in consultation with the Hall Hire Coordinator, there is a coded box on the premises for this purpose. Under no circumstances will the key be handed out prior to receipt of the full security bond and rental monies.
WSLSC bears no responsibility for any potential liability caused by third parties that are employed by the Hirer such as security guards, DJ’s, bands etc. Third parties are expected to hold their own personal and professional liability insurance policies.

Personal Property
WSLSC accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of any property brought into the venue by the Hirer, their guests or other third parties.

Major Obligations of Hirer:

1. Adhering to the Victorian Government's Tobacco Amendment Act 2013 and in addition to the Victorian government legislated smoke free areas from 1st January 2014, smoking will be strictly prohibited across the entire Surf Club precinct and within 10 metres of building entrances. An appropriate smoker's area will need to be designated away from building entrances and public view and butts will need to be appropriately discarded.
Tobacco Reforms

2. All music must cease no later than 12 midnight and that the permissible noise levels for all functions shall comply with the relevant requirements of the Environment Protection Policy. The Hirer is to ensure that their use does not cause any disturbance to the peace and quiet of the neighbourhood (Simon’s Waterfront patrons and campers at Surf Side Caravan Park) and shall request guests to leave the premises in a quiet and orderly manner.

3. All decorations such as balloons must be free standing. The floor, walls, or any part of the building shall not be damaged by nails, screws, adhesive fasteners or other attachments when the function room is decorated, and all decorations be removed when cleaning.

4.Parking. The Hirer must make every endeavour to ensure guests park vehicles in the designated car
parking areas that are available around the WSLSC and on Pertobe Road. All parking of vehicles must be in accordance with the displayed parking signs. Parking is strictly not permitted on the beach side of the WSLSC.

5. Allowed Access Executive members of the WSLSC Board Of Management (President, Vice President, Club Captain & Secretary) and the Hall Hire Coordinator, must not be refused free access to any or every part of the function room.

The premises shall be left in a clean and orderly state and in accordance with the following cleaning requirements:

1. Wiping of trestles and tables before stacking.

2. Wiping of all benches and kitchen facilities and appliances.

3. Refrigerators to be empty and wiped out.

4. Sweeping and mopping of all hard floors including the cleaning of toilets and behind the bar. (please note this is a large area and the mop water will need to be replaced several times to ensure the floors are sufficiently cleaned)

5. All rubbish, including bottles generated by the Hirer (internal and external) to be removed from the function room or club surroundings. Internal bins and garbage bags are provided by the WSLSC. Wheelie bins are provided at the Eastern side of the premises, but excessive rubbish will need to be removed by the Hirer. Under no circumstances is rubbish to be placed in the skips on the Northern side of clubhouse, as these are the property of Simon’s Waterfront.

6. All equipment and lights turned off. All windows and doors locked. Key returned.

7. The club reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee if the condition of the hall is not considered appropriate for normal use.