At our most recent AGM the club identified that we no longer have a current strategic plan and the committee committed to pursuing this over the course of the coming year. To this end we have recently acquired a grant to help with the formation of a Strategic Plan.

This will be a lengthy process as we seek member input and discussion around future vision and continue to build the existing culture of our club. Club Vice President, Jodie McNamara, will help oversee the development of our Strategic Plan with regards to key aspects including the service we provide the beach going public; member development, retention and satisfaction; building and facilities and generally developing an inclusive and vibrant culture.

All members are encouraged to make any suggestions or comments through the variety of Board of Management members within each section and there will be formal opportunities to participate during the process.

It’s great to see the club vibrant in so many areas and I hope everyone has a successful 2019 and hope to see you around the club over the season.