Updating Your Membership Details

These directions have been superseded by our current membership workflow

New Members

Never been a member at WSLSC or elsewhere

Renewing Member

You have an online account and wish to renew for the current season


You’ve already updated your SLSA details for the current year, but you need to pay your club membership: Log back in to the SLSA portal and pay. We need you to register on our website (actually we would have handled updating your SLSA details) start with our questionnaire under Members / Membership Registration above and we will send you an invoice. This will also flag your interest in our incentive scheme. Bronze award and 75% of rostered patrol hours is all we ask

These steps need to be repeated for each family member

Create a user account in an adults name, during this process you can then create a “Family Group” which will make updating easier in subsequent years.

Setup can be lengthy, but is a one time event.

New Members

We are leaving the “old” details of registration, but really all you need to do is head here and fill in the forms, we will make sure the following steps are handled for you. 

Join or Re-Register


Registration is a two step process, register your details at SLSA and create an access account via the membership portal.
    1. Details Registration
Begin by following the top button to the right, this will take you to this address http://sls.com.au/join/ this will then guide you through the process of creating your record. Warrnambool Surf Life Saving Club, is part of the Western District in Victoria, you will need to enter these details during the process.
Expert Tip: If you’re adding more than one person find the “Click here if you want to create a family group and join an additional family member” link as it will pre-fill a LOT of the fields for you!

   2. Membership Portal
Head to the SLS Portal https://portal.sls.com.au/ and create a new account, this will automatically link to your Membership details (providing the information matches)

We’ve created a “how to” complete with pictures here: How to Join as a new member

Renewing Members

Again, “old school” instructions below: or just head here Member Registration


Login to the Members Portal (button to the right), select the Memberships tab and select Renew next to the organisation you want to renew.

Assistance in the use of Members Portal can be found by either logging a ticket at support.sls.com.au, sending an email to or phoning 1300 724 006.

Memberships The Memberships tab enables members to view organisations they are currently a member of and apply to join another organisation via a full or partial transfer. All the organisations you are currently a member of will be displayed on the screen. To renew your membership with an organisation, click on the Renew button next to that organisation’s listing. This will take you to a pre-filled form.  Check and update your  personal details, tick the  declaration boxes and submit your application to your club