Where can I go from here?

The Sky is literally the limit

The powercraft awards start from ATV Operator certificates all the way through to Helicopter Crew!

Aquatic Rescue Awards

The one pathway obvious to everyone, but did you know you can take this qualification all the way to a Gold Medalion

First Aid & Emergency

From the Resuscitation Certificate through to Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate (ARTC) WSLS and LSV have you covered

Training & Radio Awards

Radio Operators locally and with LSV Comms as well as become a trainer yourself!

Your Bronze Medallion is only the beginning

The Surf Rescue Certificate and the Bronze Medallion are great achievements but if they are only the beginning of what Surf Life Saving can offer you.

The table below highlights the qualifications and certificates you can go for are you develop your skills as a Surf Life Saver. So have a look and have a go. What new qualifications can you get this season?

For more information and to find out what training opportunities are available, contact your Patrol Captain, Chief Instructor or any other senior member of the club for more info. The Life Saving Australia website has a good explanation of pathways

Membership and Leader Development

In addition to all of the above, Life Saving Victoria hold a comprehensive leadership and development program. Identifying the necessity to ensure a strong organisation promoting social, emotional, mental and physical growth in a safe and supportive environment.

Aquatic Sport

Patrolling and training of lifesavers is the core puropse of lifesaving, but aquatic sports helps hone those skills. It also provides opportunity for many behind the scenes roles such as coaching and officiating and guess what… there’s pathways for that too!

LSV Pathways Guide

LSV has a comprehensive booklet on the various pathways, their requirements and where it might lead you, its a big document so we left it on their website! It’s also updated regularly so you may need to search!

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