Surf Patrols

Rostered Beach Patrols are held on Warrnambool’s main beach each summer on weekends and public holidays from the last weekend in November until the Easter Monday of the following year.


These patrols are conducted by qualified and experienced local volunteers.

Patrols for 2018/19 Season can be viewed by logging into your SLSA Member’s Portal

  • It is expected that the minimum hours to maintain an “active” membership will be 24 Hours, these hours may include water safety, but we ask that all member’s make themselves available on your Patrol team’s rostered days. Your Patrol Captain will advise of the exact time requirements prior to the day.
  • Competition Hours:  You are responsible for ensuring you meet this requirement, please ensure you know what hours you need.
  • It is a requirement to meet the required advanced member awards on a roster, so please check before organising swaps/transfers. 
  • The BOM have instituted a number of incentives to encourage attaining these advanced awards and compensating members who provide the club with patrol hours close to their Patrol’s maximum. Ask us!

Thank you all for your support in ensuring we fulfill this important duty of WSLSC!