Surf Patrols

Rostered Beach Patrols are held on Warrnambool’s main beach each summer on weekends and public holidays from the last weekend in November until the Easter Monday of the following year.

These patrols are conducted by qualified and experienced local volunteers.

For 2016/17 those dates are 26th November 2016 until 17th of April 2017


Patrols for 2016/17 are as follows;

Team Aqua

Patrol Captain Marli Blackney-Noter
Vice Captain: John Whitson

Nov-26 12-5pm,

Dec-17 12-5pm,

Jan-1 10-5:30pm new Year’s Day       Jan-21 12-5:30pm,

Feb-5 10-5pm     Feb-27 12-5pm

Mar-4 12-5pm

April 1 12-17pm (Kodak’s Birthday)

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Team Maroon

Patrol Captain Phoebe Webb
Vice Captain: Paul Clancey

Nov-27  10-5pm,

Dec-24  12-5pm

Jan-7  12-5:30pm,     Jan-28  12-5pm

Feb-18 12-5pm

Mar-13 10-5pm Labour Day

Apr-9  10-5pm

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Team Blue

Patrol Captain– Jackson Fary,
Vice Captain Chris Sharam

Dec-10  12-5pm,

Jan-15  10-5:30pm

Feb-25  12-5pm

Mar-11 10-5pm,     Mar-26 10-5pm,

Apr-14  10-5pm Good Friday

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Team Green

Patrol Captain: Jane McMeel
Vice Captian: Freya Parrotte

Dec-18 10-5pm,     Dec-26 10-5:30pm

Jan-8 10-5.30pm

Feb-4  12-5pm

Mar-12 10-5pm,

Apr-2  12-5pm,     Apr-16  10-5pm

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Team Red

Patrol Captain: Dean Kilpatrick
Vice Captian: Clint Joseph

Dec-11 10-5pm,

Jan-2  10-5.30pm New Years Day Holiday     Jan-22  10-5:30pm

Feb-12 10-5pm

Mar-19  12-5pm

Apr-8  12-5pm

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Team Gold

Patrol Captain: Robert Dart
Vice Captain: Ralph Lars

Dec-4 10-5pm,       Dec-27 10-5:30pm Boxing Day Holiday

Jan-29 10-5pm

Feb-11 12-5pm,      Feb-26 10-5pm,

Mar-19 12-5pm

April-15 10-5pm Easter Saturday

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Team Orange

Patrol Captain: Ben Logan
Vice Captain: Josephine McDowall

Dec-3  12-5pm,     Dec-31  12-5:30pm

Jan-14 12-5.30pm

Feb-19 10-5pm,

Mar-5  10-5pm,     Mar-25  12-5pm

Apr-17  10-5pm Easter Monday

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Team Silver

Patrol Captain: John McNeil
Vice Captain: Gary Askew


Jan-26  10-6pm Australia Day


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