Surf Patrols

Rostered Beach Patrols are held on Warrnambool’s main beach each summer on weekends and public holidays from the last weekend in November until the Easter Monday of the following year.

These patrols are conducted by qualified and experienced local volunteers.

Patrols for 2017/18 are as follows;

The hard copy of this is at the club rooms. Please add your name to those lists or reply below:

Team Blue

December 2 – 3
Patrol Captain: Dean Kilpatrick
Vice Captain John Hart
Deputy Vice Captain Matt Hardiman

Hayden Carr, Conor Cook, Alex Droste, Hannah Owen, Annelli Cook

Team Red

December 9 – 10
Patrol Captain: Marli Blackney-Noter
Vice Captian: Phoebe Webb

Stella Bridgewater, Sophie Quinlan, Annelli Cook, Serafina Promnitz, Etta Harrison

Team Green

December 16 – 17
Patrol Captain: Paul Clancey
Vice Captain: Aaron Robson

Charlie Moncrieff, Charlie Edney, Charlie Plemming, Harrison kilpatrick, Declan Hoffman, Balun Cumming

Team Maroon

December 23 – 24
Patrol Captain: Toby Webb
Vice Captain: Meg Flaherty

Sarah Flaherty, Molly O’Brien, Emily Bartlett, Dave Kane, Emma Ragg, James McIntosh

Team Lime

December 30 – 31
Patrol Captain: Jane McMeel
Vice Captain: Travis Greening
Vice Captain: Freya Parrotte

Team Yellow

January 6 – 7
Patrol Captain: Glenastair Hancock
Vice Captain: Oliver Owen
Deputy Vice Captain: James Kol

Jemima McCoy, Claudia Owen, Mick Slockwitch, Harry McNamara

Team Orange

January 13-14
Patrol Captain: Clint Joseph
Vice Captain: Ben Johnson

Ellie Johnson, Alana johnson

Team Purple

January 20-21
Patrol Captain:
Vice Captain: Maggie Hill


Team Sky

January 27-28
Patrol Captain Robert Dart
Vice Captain: Jackson Fary

Alex Jones, Aylish Tobin-Salzman, Lucy Schlagecke, Kimberley Leach


Team Gold

February 3 – 4
Patrol Captain: Lars Ralph
Vice Captain:

Jess Baillie, Will Baillie, Isaak Jagoe, Hugh Ryan

Team Bronze

February 10 – 11
Patrol Captain: John Cook
Vice Captain: Shayla Casamento
Deputy Vice Captain: Paddy O’Brien

Brayden Casamento, Alistair Artz, Will McNeil, Ty Wood, Jobe Steel


Team Honey

February 17 – 18
Patrol Captain: Kodak
Vice Captain: John Whitson

Brad Chiller/ Kristie Chiller


Team Peach

February 24 – 25
Patrol Captain: Josephine McDowall
Vice Captain: Jason Dart


Team Silver

March 3 – 4
Patrol Captain: Tom Lenehan
Vice Captain: Sam Malone


Team Oldies

March 10 – 11
Patrol Captain: Gary Askew
Patrol Captain: Justin Houlihan
Patrol Captain: Michael Owen

Other “Patrol Captains” as per last year’s Nipper Vics


Team Aqua

March 17 – 18
Patrol Captain: Chris Sharam
Vice Captain : Tom Cherrett



Team Reef

March 24 – 25
Patrol Captain: Bob Collins
Vice Captain : Rebel Noter



Team Chocolate

March 30, 31, April 1, 2
Patrol Captain:
Vice Captain : 


Deliberately left vacant: Please Nominate a day over this weekend or they will have to be allocated

  • Please fill the labelled positions (Bronze and Bronze/SRC) across all weekends before adding names as emergencies (at the club rooms or via the form below)
  • Maximum 4 emergencies per patrol
  • It is expected that the minimum hours to maintain an “active” membership will be 10 Hours, however we reserve the ability to alter this to ensure patrols are filled.
  • When we complete the roster if your name doesn’t appear you will be allocated and the most likely vacancies will be public holidays!
  • Competition Hours: One weekend wont cover the required competition hours. You are responsible for ensuring you meet this requirement
  • Competition Hours: Whilst one weekend wont cover your required competition hours, hours provided in water safety for the club will be counted, but will not reduce the hours required to attend patrols
  • Easter (and all public holidays) have been excluded from this “hard roster”, we are relying on the goodwill of members to fill those dates. We have posted the Easter dates as priority and will post the others as they arise.
  • It is a requirement to meet the required member awards on a roster, so please check before organising swaps/transfers. As a general rule Captain swaps with Captain, Vice with Vice.

Thanks you all for your support in covering this important duty of WSLSC!

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