General Member’s Registration Instructions

2017/18 registrations are now closed

2018/19 Memberships will be open from September 2018

The “signup” process is a considerable burden on both the club and our members, we apologise and ask that you are thorough and methodical when applying. The process will take you to several offsite websites and require separate log in details, we hope this page and the questionnaire make it a little easier!

1. Obtain your Working With Children Check

All members over 18 MUST hold a WWCC, that means if you turn 18 this season you should also apply for your WWCC now! Many people already hold a WWCC with another organisation. If this is the case you must update your WWCC to include both Life Saving Victoria and Warrnambool SLSC.

If you do not hold a WWCC you must apply for one.

Details on this simple process are explained here: Warrnambool SLSC WWCC

2. Complete Skills Maintenance Requirements

Logging into your account on Member Training from anywhere will allow you to book into one of our Skills Maintenance sessions. It will also show you the dates of neighboring sessions. Book yourself in and complete the theory components online before attending!


3. LSV Registration

You know the drill by now…you are required to register separately with Life Saving Victoria and renew that registration each year. This can be done individually or by creating a family on the LSV website. Details are provided via the following link but also the LSV website has good information on how to proceed.

You will see the “make a payment” link during this process, please ignore it. We ask that you pay via our website as paying via the LSV option creates a tremendous administrative burden on the club. Direct Credit or credit card payment via PayPal is accepted from our website and the payment options are at the bottom of this page.

Updating your LSV Membership Details

4. Agree to abide by the Warrnambool SLSC Code of Conduct

Our Club’s General Code of Conduct:

  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of others;
  • Be fair, equitable, considerate and honest in all dealings with others;
  • Be aware of, and maintain an uncompromising adhesion to SLSA standards, rules, regulations and policies;
  • Be professional in, and accept responsibility for actions;
  • Make a commitment to providing a quality service;
  • Use facilities and equipment for their proper purposes, and care for and maintain such facilities and equipment correctly;
  • Refrain from anything which may abuse, intimidate or harass others;
  • Preserve and protect the standing and reputation of the Association and the club;
  • Understand the consequences of any breach of the SLSA’s member Protection Policy and Code of Conduct.
5. Pay for Club Membership and Nipper Program

You can utilise the family membership which covers all adults and children still at school (including tertiary) for $150 or pay individually. Prices have remained the same as last year. You will also be asked to acknowledge understanding and completion of many of these steps.

We ask that you pay via this website as paying via the LSV option creates a tremendous administrative burden on the club. Direct Credit or credit card payment via PayPal is accepted. The Links for the various Membership options are at the bottom of this page.

7. Install Team App

TeamApp is our primary source of day to day club communication and record of upcoming events. If it’s not on your phone you’re missing out!

In either Apple App Store or Google Play store find and install the program Team App then look for the “team” WSLSC You can also access the details via their website at More details here: Club Communications

Skills Maintenance

The next WSLSC Date

Will be announced closer to the season

Bronze Course

2017 Bronze (and SRC) Course

We are identifying which awards we are low in

and you can expect details soon of courses

If any member of your family is a Nipper, this is the choice for you!

If there’s 2 or more people in your family (and no Nippers) this is the right choice

Maybe your signing up for yourself, or maybe you’re at a members party and you’ve decided to pay for everyone…this is the right choice!

We are currently between seasons and cannot offer or fulfill any purchases Dismiss