Nipper Registration Instructions

2018/19 registrations are now open and you’re invited to apply to join our club as we kick off another Nipper season. There are some important changes to our program and the requirements surrounding them which we will communicate through the lead up to the season.

The “signup” process is a considerable burden on both the club and our members, we apologise and ask that you are thorough and methodical when applying.

1. Obtain your Working With Children Check

All members over 18 MUST hold a WWCC, in addition we require that (at least) one parent of each nipper provide these details to Warrnambool SLSC. Many people already hold a WWCC with another organisation. If this is the case you must update your WWCC to include both Life Saving Victoria and Warrnambool SLSC.

If you do not hold a WWCC you must apply for one.

Details on this simple process are explained here: Warrnambool SLSC WWCC

2. Attend Parent Information Briefing

It is compulsory for at least one parent of each nipper to attend one of our information sessions. It is also a requirement that (at least) one parent (with WWCC) make themselves available on a roster to help provide the Nipper program to our children. This commitment will be gained at the information session but consideration can be made by viewing the “How can I Help?” page

3. Complete Preliminary Skills Evaluation

If you are currently having swimming lessons you can print our Swim Evaluation Form (on the right) and have your swim coach, teacher or a qualified pool lifeguard sign it off.

We will be holding 2 Club Swim evaluations on the 11th and 18th of November: Details to be announced on our website / TeamApp / Facebook These are also the opportunity to find out more about our WSLSC Nipper Program. Ask Age managers, Club officals and other Nipper parents!

4. Pay for Club Membership and Nipper Program

The Nipper Membership is essentially the family membership which covers all adults and children still at school (including tertiary) for $150 or pay individually. Prices have remained the same as last year.

This cost includes the first Nipper Beach Program fee for one Nipper. For each additional nipper you are registering there is an additional $55 to cover the season’s Beach Program.

We ask that you use this website to calculate the payment (and notifies us to “watch” for the payment.  The Questionnaire will give you payment options at the end of the process. Direct Credit or credit card payment (either through SLSA or via PayPal) is accepted. The payment link is at the bottom of this page or below, but please return here to complete the following steps!

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5. SLSA Registration

You are required to register separately with Surf Life Saving Australia and renew that registration each year. This can be done individually or by creating a family on the SLSA website. Details are provided via the following link but also the SLSA website has good information on how to proceed.

Updating your LSV Membership Details

We’ve also created a “How to register” leaflet for new members: How to Join as a new member

You will see a “Make a Payment” link during this process, You can use this but please fill in the forms on our own website first. Direct Credit or credit card payment (either via this SLSA website or via PayPal) is accepted from our website. That link is further down this page!

If you’ve completed the questionnaire and know how much you need to pay you CAN pay via this SLSA step, but please identify the payment thoroughly.

6. Agree to abide by the Warrnambool SLSC Code of Conduct

We promote building our Nipper’s skills to give them confidence and proficiency to enjoy the beach.

We provide an environment for both competition and confidence building activities.

We suggest you read the below Code of Conduct with your nipper (although we’ll make sure WE do as well)

Nippers Code
As a Warrnambool SLSC Nipper I:

  • Participate in Nippers because I enjoy the sport
  • Always follow the rules and respect the ocean and conditions
  • Am a good sport and control my temper, congratulating all who strive for their best
  • Respect the official’s decisions
  • Treat other competitors as I would like to be treated
  • Aim to have fun and improve my ability
  • Listen to my Age Manager, coach, water safety, team and my nipper mates and act on their advice
  • Respect the equipment, wash it and return after use. Report any damage
  • Understand and appreciate that everyone in the club gives up their own time to help me be the best Junior Life Saver I can be

Parent and Carer Code
As a Warrnambool SLSC Nipper Parent or Carer I commit to:

  • Not making an unwilling child participate in a sport
  • Understanding that my nipper is involved in sport for their enjoyment, not mine
  • Encourage my Nipper to play by the rules
  • Encourage that the effort is as important as the result
  • Work towards improving skills and sportsmanship
  • Recognise and encourage good play or efforts
  • Do not publicly question an official’s decision
  • Recognise and respect the efforts of volunteers (ALL our helpers are volunteers)
7. Install Team App

TeamApp is our primary source of club communication and record of upcoming events. If it’s not on your phone you’re missing out!

In either Apple App Store or Google Play store find and install the program Team App then look for the “team” WSLSC You can also access the details via their website at www.teamapp.com. More details here: Club Communications

8. Club Newsletter

Yes we have TeamApp, but we are experimenting with an infrequent Club Newsletter, more a list of what’s coming up at WSLSC. One more way of keeping you informed.

Nipper Calendar 2018

Preliminary Evaluation

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