A big thanks to all our members involved in helping run the nippers and the various competition squads that are occurring within the club. Again, we see over 200 Nipper members. Every Sunday, the kids are coming off the beach with smiles, happy and also hungry for that sausage or egg & bacon roll. Parents have “stepped up” to fulfill the various roles that ensure our nippers enjoy their experience and learn some critical beach safety lessons along the way.

The variety of comp squads training at various times throughout the week that cater for all age groups, encourages members to take their skills to a higher level. The impressive thing with the running of nippers and comp squad training, is to see the infrastructure behind the scenes with the age managers, water safety personnel, coaches and other helpers. The Junior Sub-Committee have been critical in ensuring this facet of our club runs as smoothly as it does.

Ensuring safety is vital with these activities and although it is great to see our members directly benefiting from these sessions, it is equally impressive to have the help behind the scenes. Thanks to Board of Management members in John Cook and Martin O’Brien for overseeing these areas.

JOHN DODD’S MARATHON: Many members competed both individually or part of a team in the club run event a few weekends ago in which there is a bike ride, run, swim and paddle. A great turn out and thanks to all helpers/transporters on the day.

VICTORIAN STATE SENIOR TITLES: As many of you would know, we are yet again a destination to hold a major state event. Our beach lends itself to these types of events and we have full council support and a number of accommodation options for those travelling. Most importantly, our volunteers that help out make things easy and Alan Aulsebrook manages many of the preparation steps behind the scenes in readiness for the event on the March long weekend. Things are tracking along nicely in preparation for this major event for not only the club, but the community to benefit as well.