Needed …more Club Officials

With our increased numbers competing at events we need to provide more of the services required to run those events. We all know about water safety, but we also must provide officials. Typically you can officiate at your child’s own age group… you’re going to be there anyway, why not help out!

SLSA have made this award more achievable by making the content available online with a beach assessment/workshop at the end. We have scheduled a beach assessment for the Nipper Christmas session on the 22nd of December, so we require as many parents as possible to register and complete the online components prior to that.

We are very privileged to be offered this opportunity outside of the CBD/surf coast so I hope it is taken up by as many as possible. As with everything, the more involved the easier it is for everyone!

Details below:

Complete the Australian Sports Commission Officials Course:


Select Browse then Introductory Level Officiating General Principles

You will receive a ASC Officials Course certificate that will need to be provided to LSV

Log into the SLSA Member’s Portal https://portal.sls.com.au/

    • Select Courses then select “Log in to eLearning”

On the eLearning website select training Library – SLSA Sport

There are 2 Officials courses listed:

Core: Which enables Junior Officiating only

Technical: which allows Junior and Senior Officiaiting

There is very little difference between the two, so we suggest you undertake the Technical to allow your award to transfer to the Senior arena. It also allows you to undertake a wider variety of roles at the Junior level. LSV advise about 20 mins difference

Please note this is an “Interim” course for LSV as they fine tune it’s eventual presentation. The course is currently listed as “Altona”, this is the one you’re looking for! Be sure to let the club know you’re sitting it by sending us an email!

Lastly you must attend the on beach assessment and workshop. This will be held during our “Christmas” Nipper session on the 22nd of December. The exact time will be confirmed and communicated closer to the day and is dependant on participant numbers.

Participants will rotate through each of the roles they will eventually fulfill at carnivals