WSLSC Senior Squad

Keeping our surf lovers engaged, motivated and fit



The senior competition squad aims to keep our surf lovers engaged in the club by being involved in one or more surf activities including swimming, board paddling and ski paddling. Additionally you will see a boat crew or two in the water.


Whilst most competition squad members will be participating at carnivals, squad training is also open to those people who just want to be involved for the recreational and fitness benefits; i.e. competing is optional.

No Cost

Other than paying your club membership, there is no cost to be involved in the training squads, a fact we thank all our coaches for!

Board Hire

Depending on your intended events you may be required to hire a board from the club, this is a VERY reasonable charge for the quality of boards the club maintains.


To find out the latest on our Senior Training Squads, log into our TeamApp presence

We believe there are insufficient local carnivals so we will typically include a few interstate events, which offer higher competition and a great social occasion.

Carnival Costs

WSLSC typically offers a series fee covering entry to all senior Victorian carnivals (excluding the State Carnival), which represents a discount to individual carnival entry and helps us with administration!


To help with the processing of registrations and costs we need you to compete the ‘Competitor Information Sheet’ and return to Martin O’Brien directly or by leaving in the competition box which is located adjacent to the white board in the board and ski room. This sheet will be available for download once you have paid for your membership or bulk competition entry in our store

You will need to complete a simple competition registrations sheet for each carnival that you are participating in. You’ll find this sheet next to the white board in the board and ski room. This will need to ‘posted’ in the competition box by the Monday prior to carnivals. Additionally if you haven’t made a series carnival payment then you need to pay the entry fee online before the carnival.

These forms, bulk carnival entry and individual carnival entry are all accessible via our website, under events or in the store

No Free Lunch

The club will be covering some of the additional costs of competing (eg transport of boards; the provisions of boards for hire; skis) but in doing so the club requires competitors to fulfill the following requirements:

  •  You need to be a current member.
  •  If training or competing you need to have appropriate awards. Bronze if over 15, SRC if over 13 or be in the process of getting these awards.
  • Participants will need to ‘sign-in’ when training. A sign-in sheet will be in the board and ski room. Additionally a Risk Assessment form will be completed before participants enter the water.
  • Undertake all rostered patrols.
  • Help with water safety for the Shipwreck Coast Swim Series if not competing
  • Help with the Nippers State Carnival (task to be determined/advised) or other club events as they arise